As the Washington State karaoke champion (KWCUSA) of 2009 and 2011, I like to bring my entertainer game along with my hosting game to the party! Not only do I have a high quality, and constantly growing collection of karaoke tracks, but I also have the technical skills prepared to live mix your vocals with the instrumentals ensuring you sound your best on the mic. When you book a karaoke party with me you are getting a four in one service: DJ, entertainer, live audio technician, and MC!


If you want to bring some flavor to your Seattle area bar or tavern, my weekly karaoke show can put asses in seats and LOTS of drinks in hands! I am known to schedule theme nights, costume nights, and I am all about the party tricks (singing on the tables and doing pull ups on the rafters are my go to moves!!) I can bring in all of the necessary audio equipment to host karaoke in your venue, all you need to provide is a table and an outlet!

I take great pride in knowing that I have the ability to inspire everyone to participate, even those timid folk who swear they would never sing in public. It is my belief that karaoke is an activity reserved for those people who are not great singers, in fact, terrible singers! Everyone gets to feel like a rockstar at my show!