Partnership with Crimson Haze

Crimson-Haze-Event-Lighting-logo-600x600Awesome news! Me and Crimson Haze have partnered up to add a very important element to your wedding or corporate event – bad ass lighting! I have worked several parties with Clea and Clayton, the Crimson Haze team. Not only are they really fun and nice people, they offer a lighting service unlike anyone else I’ve worked with. I’ve seen them transform a space from stellar white elegance, to an all out blacklight club environment, fog and all!
They are masters at discussing what lighting works best for your event in a way that any person can understand, as opposed to many other lighting techs who throw a bunch of industry speak at you. Clea and Clayton make sure you understand exactly what kind of lighting package you are getting with no confusion, and they always deliver amazing work.

As your event DJ I can easily plug in a couple of party lights if need be, but if you want the real deal when it comes to customizing your event space I highly recommend you add the Crimson Haze package! It makes a huge difference in overall ambiance. Check out their website here for more info, or ask me about the BVB/Crimson Haze lighting package when we discuss your event!