About Me

tumblr_lpqs4r4Pym1qbsq8ao5_1280I have loved music for my whole life. From playing guitar as a kid and memorizing every Jimi Hendrix riff I could wrap my head around, to diving head first into musical theater in high school, music was always there. I then went on to run the audio and soundboard for one of Seattle’s most famous comedy theater companies, and all the while I rocked the karaoke stage frequently both in competition and for fun. I even performed at nationals in 2009 representing the west coast at the Karaoke World Championship!

After that I took a sharp left turn and somehow found myself with a higher education in accounting and working in corporate America as a CPA. It took all of five months behind a desk for my love of music to reach out and pull me back. In 2010 I left my job, and decided that for the rest of my life I needed to do something that I truly love and something that is always super fun….. throwing insane dance parties!!